Experience electrical reliability every time you need to keep your business running smoothly—without a single delay. Sourcing solutions for over 50 years with precision manufacturing results.

Optimize Productivity—Maximize Control.

Flexible to your procurement needs because we are large enough to quality source the electric solutions that makes your business run in every environment and in any situation. We offer only exceptional results under one roof with the reliable product lines you trust.


Electromagnetic Industries®, a division of Olympic Controls Corporation, manufactures high-caliber, mechanical components you depend on to protect, control and regulate your power system’s performance. Electromagnetic Industries provides electronic solutions to power through any situation.

Reach out at info@electromagneticindustries.biz to discuss your Current Transformer, Potential Transformer and Electric Products procurement needs.


  • We manufacture high-caliber, mechanical components you depend on to protect, control and regulate your power system’s performance.
  • Trust our high-caliber, mechanical components for use in low-to-medium voltage equipment to keep your energy system running smooth. Rely on our dependable parts for the performance and protection you deserve to power through any situation.


WE ARE ‘THE ORIGINAL’. Tough, submersible, electric fuel pumps designed to meet the high demands and severe standards of the military—including 37 different vibration, shock and various operational tests.

Engineered for 4,000 hours of operation (over 200,000 miles) and outlasts a mechanical pump by two to three times. We are called ‘The Original’ for a reason. Join five decades of highly-satisfied customers who trust Olympic Controls Corporation with their fuel pump needs.


  • APPLICATIONS: Battle tanks, tactical vehicles, trucks, farm equipment, off-road machinery and construction equipment.
  • MODELS AVAILABLE: BRUSHLESS at 12, 24, 28 Volt. BRUSHED at 28 and 32 Volt.
  • 10,000 ENDURANCE HOURS of expected continuous duty life for brushless models.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: Stainless steel motor housing, glass sealed electrical fitting, zinc pump body and plated hardware resist corrosion.
  • INSTALLATION: Arrives fully assembled and ready to install.


12+ distinct relay families with a selection of customizable standard parts and components to design or modify any relay to fit with your exact OEM and MRO applications.

Original relay manufacturing since 1968. Unquestionable accuracy + reliability whenever positive mechanical signal separation is absolutely needed.


  • 100,000 life cycles minimum!
  • applications: Telecommunications, elevators, sewing companies, aviation, etc.
  • COIL FINISH: Taped, impregnated, sealed, potted and vacuum sealed.
  • Contact Materials: Silver, Gold, Palladium and other combinations
    .062″ to .250″ dia. flat and domed styles.
  • ENCLOSURES: Open, sealed, dustite, hermetically, clear plastic and metal.
  • LATCHING: Mechanical and magnetic.


Your coil customization specialist that designs and develops your low or high volume needs in our UL recognized facility. All of our products are 100% product tested for your guarantee.

For over 50 years, we have been winding coils of various styles and configurations. Today, that small beginning has transformed into Olympic Controls truly being a Coil Winding Specialist.


  • Custom or Stock Bobbins: Plastic, phenolic, etc.
  • Encapsulation + Potting Compounds.
  • Finishes: Terminals or lead wires applied, PCB, taped, air dried varnishes, plastic encapsulated and potting compounds.
  • High-Temperature Wire Processing Capabilities.
  • Micro-Precision Welding.


Switch more circuits in less space with our 12-pole switching wafer. Find the solution to the problem of multi-circuit switching with T-Bar® switching technology—whether it is gang switching, circuit selection or matrix switching. Don’t let restrictions prevent you from manufacturing what you need.

We offer contact protection against corrosive atmospheres, splashing water, sand, dust and salt spray. Reliability in every environment and any situation.


  • Pole configurations: Form A/B is available in 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 pole configurations, Double Throw, Transfer Switching. Form C is available up to 52 poles switching.
  • Coil configurations: Operated from 6, 12, 24, 28, 48 and 110 Volts DC and 115 Volts AC.
  • Multi-contact Series: 900 SERIES for reliable low level switching to 1 Amp. Or, the 800 SERIES for reliable general purpose switching from 1 to 5 Amp for control.

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Olympic Controls Corporation offers reliable, electrical solutions that power productivity and maximum control of your energy systems. Optimize productivity—maximize control.

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Manufacturing precision electrical solutions with reliable consistency certified to the latest ISO standard (ISO 9001.2015). Over 50 years of powering your business with maximum control.

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