The 12-pole switching wafer system provides our customers with more circuits in less space solving the problem of multi-circuit switching—whether it’s gang switching, circuit selection or matrix switching. You can trust the legacy of T-Bar switching technology after over 50+ years. We are a name you can trust.

Protect against normal ambient dust conditions and developed for use in controlled environments such as test areas, computer control rooms, broadcast studios and network management centers. Wafers are stacked to produce relays in configurations of 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 Form A, normally open, and 52 Form C, Double Throw. Form B, normally closed switching, is also available in the same number of contacts. Contact Ratings include low level data to 1 Amp (900 Series) and 1 to 5 Amp (800 Series) for control. T-Bar switches come in multi-contact options series: 900 SERIES or 800 SERIES. All products are quality tested for 100% guarantee.


  • APPLICATIONS: Naval vessels, jet aircraft, space launches, monitoring circuits and more.


  • ADVANTAGES: Latching relays and magnetically bistable add the advantages of eliminating power waste during a power loss.
  • AMPERAGE: 5 Amp Series (800 Series) and 1 Amp (900 Series) contact ratings.
  • CIRCUITS: Relays switch from 12 to 52 circuits.
  • COIL CONFIGURATIONS: Two coil configurations available. Polarity inversion control (6 Watts) is standard where the relay is driven into the set or reset (latch/unlatch) position by inverting the polarity of the control voltage. Bifilar operation (10 Watts) can be supplied to latch or unlatch using the same polarity DC control voltage.
  • MECHANICAL LIFE: Million operations with a typical contact resistance of 20 milliohms.
  • POLE CONFIGURATIONS: 12, 24, 36, 48 and 52 pole configurations with Form C (Double Throw, Transfer) switching, 60 poles with Form A switching.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 3 to 6.5 Watts (dependent on contact arrangement).
  • POWER SOURCE: Relay coils operated from 12, 24, 48 or 110 Volts DC and 115 Volts AC.


  • ADVANTAGES: Solves the problem of multi-circuit switching, such as gang switching, circuit selection and matrix switching.
  • POLE CONFIGURATIONS: 12 to 144 pole configurations in Form C switching with maintained action.
  • PUSHBUTTON SWITCHES: Available in general purpose contacts.
  • RELIABILITY PROMISE: 12 pole switching wafers (both 800/900 Series decks) as used on T-Bar Relays assuring the same high-level of reliability promise experienced throughout the T-Bar product line.


  • 100% commitment to continuous improvement of our design, development and manufacturing quality system.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Sourcing hard to find needs.
  • Product expertise with technical schematics.
  • Customized, defect-free prototypes.
  • Producing products to the precise requirements our customers need—and we demand.
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12 to 144 POLES
3 to 6.5 WATTS