12+ distinct relay families with a selection of customizable standard parts and components to design or modify any relay to fit with your exact OEM and MRO applications.

Original relay manufacturing since 1968. Unquestionable accuracy + reliability whenever positive mechanical signal separation is absolutely needed. We are a proven legacy-run product specialist partner ready to fulfill all of your sourcing requirements. Reach out at info@occorp.com to discuss how our experienced, professional team can be of service for all design, development and manufacturing procurement needs.


  • 100,000 LIFE CYCLES minimum!
  • APPLICATIONS: Telecommunications, elevators, sewing companies, aviation, etc.
  • COIL FINISH: Taped, impregnated, sealed, potted and vacuum sealed
  • CONTACT MATERIALS: Silver, Gold, Palladium and other combinations. .062″ to .250″ dia. flat and domed styles
  • ENCLOSURES: Open, sealed, dustite, hermetically, clear plastic and metal
  • LATCHING: Mechanical and magnetic
  • MOUNTING CONFIGURATIONS: Taped holes, mounting studs, octal plug and cover
  • OPERATE TIMES: .003 seconds, on up to full delays, for operate and release times. Sequential and simultaneous time delays also available.
  • OPERATE VOLTAGES: 6 to 45 Volts DC and 110 to 240 Volts AC
  • RATING up to 10 Amps
  • TERMINAL SPRINGS: Single, bifurcated twin, snap action (micro switch) and reed
  • TERMINALS: Soldered, plug-in, PCB, wire wrap, hooked, taper tab and cane style headers
  • Proven legacy-run product specialist


  • 100% commitment to continuous improvement of our design, development and manufacturing quality system.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Sourcing hard to find needs.
  • Product expertise with technical schematics.
  • Customized, defect-free prototypes.
  • Producing products to the precise requirements our customers need—and we demand.
We are family-owned and operated. Ready to stand in as your full-service legacy partner. You can have pride in saying you source your products in the U.S. when you align with Olympic Controls Corporation. Reach out at [email protected] to discuss how our experienced, professional team can be of service for all design, development and manufacturing procurement needs.


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CONTACT MATERIALS: Silver, Gold, Palladium