YOUR COIL CUSTOMIZATION SPECIALIST for your low or high-volume needs in our UL recognized facility. All of our products are 100% product tested for your guarantee. Experience reliable electric solutions.

For over 50 years, we have been winding coils of various styles and configurations. Made in the U.S.A., custom components as well as assemblies for commercial, industrial and military applications developed to exceed all customer expectations—even the military’s.


  • CUSTOM OR STOCK BOBBINS: Plastic, phenolic, etc.
  • Encapsulation + Potting Compounds
  • FINISHES: Terminals or lead wires applied, PCB, taped, air dried varnishes, plastic encapsulated and potting compounds
  • High-Temperature Wire Processing Capabilities
  • Micro-Precision Welding
  • MULTIPLE WIRES: Single or multiple windings
  • SIZES: 3″ diameter x 3″ long
  • WIRE GAUGES: 16- to 50-AWG, standard + high-temperature styles
  • Wire Lead Termination + Application Equipment


  • CUSTOMIZATION: Order your products as you need, when you need with pure flexibility. Let us maximize your product fulfillment.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICING: Our clients appreciate the pricing structures that make sourcing U.S. products with our experienced team a winning decision.
  • EXPERIENCE: 50 years of reliable, manufacturing of quality, dependable electrical products. Solutions to last the test of time.
  • QUALITY CHECKS: Rigorous quality checks and tests are performed before any product is delivered. Military standards such as MIL-P-62011 applied.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Be proud to source and support electrical solutions manufactured with a local imprint.
  • FAST DELIVERY: On-time and fast delivery, shipped directly to you from the U.S.  Never suffer from International shipping delay’s.
We are family-owned and operated. You can have pride in saying you source your products in the U.S. when you align with Olympic Controls Corporation. Reach out at to discuss how our experienced, professional team can optimize your productivity and maximize control of your power systems with our reliable electric solutions.


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Superior quality at the highest level. Precise design, development and manufacturing. These products are built to last.

16- to 50-AWG WIRE GAUGE
3" DIA. x 3" LONG