WE ARE ‘THE ORIGINAL’. Tough, submersible, electric fuel pumps designed to meet the high demands and severe standards of the military—including 37 different vibration, shock and various operational tests.

Engineered for 4,000 hours of operation (over 200,000 miles) and outlasts a mechanical pump by two to three times. We are called ‘The Original’ for a reason. Join five decades of highly-satisfied customers who trust Olympic Controls Corporation with their fuel pump needs.


  • APPLICATIONS: Battle tanks, tactical vehicles, trucks, farm equipment, off-road machinery and construction equipment.
  • MODELS AVAILABLE: BRUSHLESS at 12, 24, 28 Volt. BRUSHED at 28 and 32 Volt.
  • 10,000 ENDURANCE HOURS of expected continuous duty life for brushless models.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE: Stainless steel motor housing, glass sealed electrical fitting, zinc pump body and plated hardware resist corrosion.
  • DRY OPERATION: Permanently lubricated motor bearings inside a hermetically-sealed motor housing. Stainless steel pump shaft running in carbon bearings can tolerate short periods of dry operation.
  • INSTALLATION: Comes fully assembled, ready to install. The in-tank units have cover plate and brackets with 1/2″ ID connections that mount from the top of the tank. The self-contained mini-tank version has 1/2″ ID (24V) or 3/8″ ID (12V) fittings and mounts anyplace where it can be filled by gravity.
  • MAGNETIC COUPLING turns the motor pump shaft using the highest quality ceramic magnets and operating through a stainless steel bulkhead, for long life under the toughest conditions.
  • QUALITY: We perform 3 operational quality control tests on each pump before it leaves our facility. UL listed and manufactured to military standard MIL-P-62011.
  • RAPID PRIMING IN 5 SECONDS OR LESS due to unique double inlet which permits vapors to escape from pump cavity.
  • TRASH TOLERANCE: Our centrifugal pump handles most particulates that pass through a 50 x 50 (12V) or 18 x18 (24V) monel screens.
  • VIBRATION RESISTANCE: Designed and tested to meet military standard MIL-P-62011 vibration and shock requirements.


  • CUSTOMIZATION: Order your products as you need, when you need with pure flexibility. Let us maximize your product fulfillment.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICING: Our clients appreciate the pricing structures that make sourcing U.S. products with our experienced team a winning decision.
  • EXPERIENCE: 50 years of reliable, manufacturing of quality, dependable electrical products. Solutions to last the test of time.
  • QUALITY CHECKS: Rigorous quality checks and tests are performed before any product is delivered. Military standards such as MIL-P-62011 applied.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Be proud to source and support electrical solutions manufactured with a local imprint.
  • FAST DELIVERY: On-time and fast delivery, shipped directly to you from the U.S.  Never suffer from International shipping delay’s.


  • Our legacy fuel pumps, are designed to be a drop-in replacement for the standard brushed fuel pump with the same pumping performance power over the voltage range of 18 Volts DC to 32 Volts DC as in the MIL-DTL-62011E.
  • OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE: 14 Volts DC to 35 Volts DC
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: -54°C to 85°C (-65°F to 185°F) ABOVE 18 VOLTS DC, the pump will meet or exceed the pressure and flow requirements. See Figure 1 below.
  • Brackets range from 12″ to 40″
  • Made of steel or ballistic steel depending upon the application
  • Plate or paint bracket options to fit our customers’ needs
  • Compatible with our 12, 24 and 28 Volts and Brushless Fuel Pumps
  • Allows for the fuel pump to be mounted outside of the fuel tank
  • Effectively creates an in-line fuel pump
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