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OlympicControls is a manufacturer of custom, hard to find legacy products serving the commercial, aerospace and military markets.

T-Barฎ Switching Components

Relays and Switches to switch more circuits reliably in less space

T-Bar Switching Technology enables systems designers to produce equipment with freedom from the necessity of using multiple relays and switches where multi-circuit switching is required. It removes the constraint to design circuits using switching devices with no more than 4 or 6 poles. T-Bar Relays and Switches are for high reliable switching. They switch more circuits in less space. There are no other devices quite like them.

T-Bar Relays and Switches are designed for critical low level (900 series) and general purpose (800 series) switching applications. The heart of T-Bar components is the 12 pole switching wafer. Because of their contact rating, low level circuit suitability, interconnect capacitance, breakdown voltage, and insulation resistance they have proven their use in data processing, data and voice communications, test equipment and instrumentation applications.

T-Bar Multi-Contact Relays and Switches are produced in a variety of configurations. Relays are available from 4 to 60 poles and then some. Toggle Switches are manufactured with 4 to 144 poles and Pushbutton Switches are available up to 36 poles. For hostile environments, environmentally and hermetically sealed T-Bar components provide the only method of solving the problem of switching multi-circuits in naval shipboard, ground support and aerospace applications.

T-Barฎ Switching Technology is the solution to the problem of multi-circuit switching, whether it is gang switching, circuit selection or matrix switching. When you need assistance in any switching application please contact us.

T-Barฎ is a registered trademark of Inrange Technologies Corporation

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