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OlympicControls is a manufacturer of custom, hard to find legacy products serving the commercial, aerospace and military markets.

T-Bar Dust-Tight Relays

801/901 Relays
T-Bar Multi-Contact Dust Tight Relays are protected against normal ambient dust conditions. Designed for use in controlled environment such as test areas, computer control rooms, broadcast studios and network management centers. They are available in switching configurations of 4, 8, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 form A (normally open) and 52 form C (double throw). Form B (normally closed) switching is available in the same numbers of contacts. Two types of contacts are available. The 900 series, designed for dry circuits to a maximum 1 amp switching for use in data, thermocouple and instrumentation circuits, and the 800 series, used for control interlock and indicator circuits. Coils may be operated from 6, 12, 24, 28, 48 and 110 volts DC and 115 AC. T-Bar Connectors are a vital part of T-Bar Switching Technology. While T-Bar Connectors are recommended, all terminals of T-Bar Relays and Switches are solderable.

7801/7901 Hybrid relays
Hybrid T-Bar Relays are available for logic control. Three standard driver circuits are available for use on 24 and 48 volt DC systems. Drivers for other voltages are available (consult factory). The three schematic diagrams are shown below: D-designed to operate from a low current 24 volt source. Supplying +24 volts will operate the relay. Q-designed to operate from a TTL driver or switch. A "Logic 1" or a voltage between +2.4V and +5.5V will operate the relay. A "Logic 0" or any voltage less than 0.8V will deactivate the circuit. Can also be operated from switch or contact closure. An open contact or switch activates the circuit. A closure deactivates the circuit. Z-designed to operate from inverted TTL circuits. A "Logic 0" activates the circuit. A "Logic 1" or open circuit (open collector) deactivates the circuit.

Driver Schematic Diagrams

807/907 Magnetic Latching Relays
T-Bar Multi-Contact Magnetic Latching Relays, pulse operated and magnetically bi-stable, add the advantages of eliminating power waste during long periods in an operated position, and maintenance of circuit integrity during a power loss. T-Bar Magnetic Latching Relays are the same physical size as T-Bar relays which require continuous power and are available in the same contact configurations. All switching and reliability specifications are identical. Two control configurations are available. "Polarity inversion" control is standard. The relay is driven into the set or reset (latch or unlatch) position by inverting the polarity of the control voltage. As an option, two coil, "Bifilar," operation can be supplied to latch or unlatch using the same polarity DC control voltage.


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