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Product Lines
  T-Bar Relays
     Dust-Tight Relays
     Environ Relays
     Hermetic Relays
     Dust-Tight Toggles
     Environ Toggles

Coil Winding
  Coil Winding
  Wire and Harness
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OlympicControls is a manufacturer of custom, hard to find legacy products serving the commercial, aerospace and military markets.



Beginning as a subcontractor to Automatic Electric in 1968, OlympicControls Corp. originated as a relay manufacturer with it's own line of relays. The line today consists of predominately telephone type relays that provide unquestionable accuracy and reliability whenever positive, mechanical signal separation is absolutely necessary. Industries served include telecommunications, elevators, sewing companies, aviation, process equipment industries, and others too numerous to mention.
Relay Styles and Types
  • Telephone type
  • General purpose
  • Specialty
  • Power
  • Exact Replacements for GTE, Automatic Electric, Davis Electric, Phillips Controls Corp. and Hart Advance and others.

Although there are over 12 distinct relay families, OlympicControls's selection of standard parts and components can design and modify any relay to fit your exact OEM and MRO applications.

  • Rating - up to 10 amps (60 amps for General Purpose)
  • Contracts - any combination up to 10 Form C
  • Operating Voltages -- 6 to 45 volts DC and 110 to 240 volts A/C
  • Operate Times - .003 seconds on up to full delays for operate and release times, sequential & simultaneous time delays also available
  • Latching - both mechanical and magnetic
  • Contact materials
    • Silver, Gold, Palladium and other combinations
    • .062 to .250 dia. flat and domed styles
  • Terminal Springs - single, bifurcated twin, snap action (micro switch), reed
  • Coil Finish - taped, impregnated, sealed, potted, vacuum sealed
  • Terminals - soldered, plug-in, PCB, wire wrap, hooked, taper tab, cane style headers
  • Enclosures - open, sealed, dustite, hermetically, clear plastic metal, potted
  • Mounting configurations - tapped holes, mounting studs, octal plug & cover
  • 100,000 life cycles minimum!


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