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OlympicControls is a manufacturer of custom, hard to find legacy products serving the commercial, aerospace and military markets.

Wouldn't you agree...

It's rather reassuring to have a half million truck drivers and tank commanders behind you.

OlympicControls Fuel Pumps are installed in half a million trucks, military tanks and other vehicles all over the world. Okay, so a lot of those drivers don't even know about the workhorse pump in the fuel tank. But that's really the point. Designed for 4,000 hours of operation - that's over 200,000 miles - the OlympicControls pump outlasts a mechanical pump by two to three times.

One Tough Pump

Accepts both standard and customized bracketry
Vehicles with our fuel pumps have served in the icy mountains of Korea, the steamy jungles of Viet Nam, the deserts of Iraq and other places where U.S. Armed Forces or allies have fielded tatical forces. To qualify for tactical military installation, our pumps have continued to meet the severe standards of the military, including 37 different vibration, shock and other operational tests (MIL-P-62011).

Weather it will fuel a battle tank, heavy duty truck, farm machinery or construction equipment, every OlympicControls pump is precision-manufactured to meet those rigorous military standards. And, we perform three operational tests on each pump before we ship it. We're proud that our attention to quality has resulted in highly satisfied customers who have remained with us for many years.

Specify the Best

For the Original submersible electric fuel pump - with proven and reliable performance under the most rugged circumstances - specify OlympicControls. Available in 12-volt and 24-volt models.

Manufactured to military standard
MIL-P-62011 and UL listed.



We're the Original

Our submersible, electric fuel pumps - originally designed to meet demanding military specifications - have five decades of proven track record. You may know them by their original name Tokheim. When OlympicControls Corp. purchased the fuel pump line in 1999 from Saint Switch, Inc., we acquired all the original manufacturing equipment and tooling. Olympic Controls is a new name but these pumps are the originally designed and engineered product, meeting the same exacting specifications and delivering the same proven reliability our customers have come to expect. You can't get that from anyone else!

"Push" Design

Reliability is built into the pump's original design. The OlympicControls in-tank electric fuel pump pushes fuel to the engine, eliminating air bubbles in the line, preventing vapor lock, and addressing other common fuel problems.

The OlympicControls pump:

  • assures cold starts;
  • stops engine starvation that leads to power loss and injector pump failure;
  • gets fuel to the engine fast, at any engine speed, for full throttle driving without valve burn-out;
  • delivers fuel even when the tank is practically empty;
  • maintains constant pressure and full fuel flow under any driving conditions - at any speed and any temperature from 40 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) to 120 degrees above;
  • can cope with today's high volatility fuels including JP fuel; and
  • has greater capacity than conventional pumps.

Unique Magnetic Coupling

The motor turns the pump shaft by means of a unique magnetic coupling, using the highest quality ceramic magnets and operating through a stainless steel bulkhead. The motor itself is hermetically sealed so there are no seals to leak or wear out - ever. And the motor bearings inside the hermetically sealed housing are permanently lubricated. This truly dry motor means:
  • motor parts enjoy longer life;
  • there is no chance for a seal to fail and let fuel into the motor housing;
  • corrosion is completely eliminated; and
  • the pump can tolerate short periods of dry operation.

Think of OlympicControls...

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